How important is the IT Department in a business?

Saturday, January 21, 2012 0 comments

Information Technology. Ten years ago, it doesn't seem to be such a big deal but now, companies are putting their resources towards an effective IT department and colleges around the world are offering courses centered around information technology.

Research has shown that the internet and web plays a vital role in a business' ability to survive especially in trying economies and in this time where technology has made it possible for everyone to be connected to the world wide web. However, since the economy is experiencing slow growth, not all businesses can afford a dedicated IT Department but that doesn't mean that your company needs to be invisible to the web. Some entrepreneurs do their own research and implement a passable information network for their companies while some choose to outsource their IT department. The latter option would give companies a dedicated IT department without the whole cost associated with the department. IT support Dallas companies are abound in the internet and could help with outsourcing your IT needs.

Companies, whether small, medium, or large enterprises, aside from getting a dedicated IT department in order to strengthen their web presence, they also need an ecommerce designer especially if they're in the retail business. While IT departments could easily build an ecommerce website, investing in a web designer would increase your company's website's appeal to your visitors. A website is of no use to a company if there are no visitors.

If you think your company doesn't have the budget for an IT Department, you might want to automate some other functions in your business, like some of the Accounting functions. A senior living management software would help in enhancing your company's accounts.

So even if you think of curtailing the IT Department in your business in order to save on cost, better think twice.

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Phone Upgrade

Sunday, February 20, 2011 0 comments

Well, its that time of the year where I  can upgrade my phone line and be eligible for a new phone. Honestly, there are a lot of models to choose from and though ordinarily I prefer a mobile phone which is simple, I am now looking for a good smartphone.

Apparently, I have a lot to choose from. And there are models that are going to be released soon. Well, when faced with choices, I guess I have to do my homework and look at cell phone reviews of the models I'm interested in. 

Right now I'm looking at the Motorola Atrix 4G, LG Optimus 3D or Samsung Galaxy S II. Of course there are currently available phones I'm interested in such as the iPhone 4 and Samsung Focus. The iPhone 4 I'm highly considering but someone said Apple will release a new phone this June so I don't want to buy something then see its price drop a few months later. I'll probably wait till the middle of the year and see what new phones turn up.

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Improving your Credit Score

Saturday, May 29, 2010 0 comments

Last year, with the financial crisis, I'm sure everybody was aware of their credit score and their credit rating. I was made aware of my credit score because I was applying for a mobile phone line. I didn't know that mobile phone companies also make credit checks. Anyways, I made a research through Wikipedia and here's what I've gathered about credit scores.

Basically, a credit score is a numerical representation of a person's credit worthiness. Here in the US, there are many different methods of calculating credit scores but the most popular one is the FICO score. The others are NextGen Score and VantageScore but both are very similar to FICO and FICO score is still the widely used credit score in the United States.

Although the exact formulas for calculating credit score is a secret, FICO has disclosed the components of what makes up a person's credit score: 35% payment history and when a person is late in paying bills, it could cause their FICO score to drop; 30% credit utilization which is the ratio of current revolving debt to the total available credit limit, lowering your credit utilization ratio will improve your FICO score; 15% length of credit history, as a person's credit history ages, it will have a positive impact on their score provided that they pay their bills; 10% type of credit used, having different kinds of credit, like installment, revolving,etc, will have a positive effect on your FICO score; 10% recent search for credit/amount of credit obtained recently, multiple credit inquiries of a consumer who wishes to open new credit can hurt a persons' FICO score.

Now that you know the components of a FICO score, doing simple things such as paying your bills on time will improve your score. Although Americans can get a free credit report within a 12 month period through, we have to pay for viewing our credit scores.

There are some websites that offer to increase your credit score. What they do is give you a huge amount of credit limit to lower your credit utilization ratio, of course, you can't exactly use this credit limit but they will submit to credit bureaus that they have opened a large amount of credit limit to your name so that your credit utilization ratio will decrease.

But consumers should be wary because FICO has introduced a new version of FICO score which is FICO 08 which should significantly limit the ability of consumers to tamper with FICO score through the above mentioned tactic.

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How new businesses can save money on start-up

Thursday, April 29, 2010 0 comments

Now that the economy is getting back on track, I'm sure many of us are thinking of getting into business to take advantage of the improving economic conditions. But still, building a new business is still risky even with the current conditions. Putting all your money into a business whether it be small or medium is not a sure thing so it's important that you learn to save on start-up costs.

Do it yourself

A lot of people think they need a lawyer or an accountant in setting up a new business. There are a lot of forums and articles on the internet on how to go about it on your own. Join forums and make friends so that you don't have to hire any professional.

Start small

Sure, you have big dreams but as with anything else, if you're new to this, take baby steps. Instead of going national your first try, whatever be your endeavor, try to start in your community first.

The Internet is your friend

You don't need to have a separate marketing arm. The internet is your friend. If you don't have funds for a brick and mortar store, try online selling first or build a web page to make yourself known.


Whether it be fliers, calling cards or posters, chances are, you need to make your company known sans the web. You don't have to invest in expensive printers and papers to do this. It would be cheaper to outsource to online printing services such as PSprint, Vistaprint, etc.

These are some of the things you can do to minimize your start-up costs. Of course, they're not full proof so do more digging and remember, the internet is a big place, it's not a bad idea to make friends with those who've experience so join forums and online communities.

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Green Web Hosting

Friday, April 23, 2010 0 comments

So your company is trying to go green, it’s saving energy, using recycled paper or less paper, reducing carbon footprint, etc. But you want to put up a website and putting up a website requires website hosting. Hosting is by no means eco-friendly. Webhosts uses a lot of ENERGY. It needs 24/7 electricity to power up its servers and web servers needs air conditioners to keep it cool and the data stored within it safe. So while your company isn’t actually the one wasting energy, you’re still contributing to the energy being consumed by this domain web hosting companies.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no alternative. There are actually green hosting companies who can do your business web hosting needs. Why are they green? Because they use reuseable energy to power their servers. Most of these web hosting companies use either solar energy or wind energy. Some companies buy clean energy credits from utility companies. Now solar and wind energy are easy to grasp but how does one buy clean energy credits? According to Wikipedia, green energy credits are non-tangible commodities in the US that represents proof that 1 Megawatt hour of electricity was generated from an eligible renewable source. The certificates can be sold and the holder of the clean energy credit can claim that they have purchased renewable energy.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to green webhosting companies. Be sure to do your homework and check the background to make sure that they won’t just up and leave with your money.

With a lot of companies going green, and with the current administration pushing green awareness, there are a lot of incentives for companies that go the green way. And even if there are no incentives, well, a lot of people are trying to be environmentally friendly and it would be an added bonus for your company if you choose to go green even with something as trivial as web hosting.

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The Tech bug bit me

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 0 comments

Okay, not exactly the technology bug but more of the Android bug. A friend of mine let me babysat his Motorola Droid for a week. At first, Android was a daunting experience but after a few Google here and there and I am now totally into the Android experience.

I was so hooked that I considered running away with my friend's Droid. Well, it's a good thing that the Android bug bit me because I'm due for an upgrade soon (though I'm on AT&T). Right now, AT&T doesn't have a lot of Android phones that I seem to like. The Backflip doesn't really attract me as much. Did a bit of searching and it seems that the latest Android phones right now are the HTC Desire, Xperia X10, and the HTC Legend. I wanted to get the Nexus One but most of the guys at forums are saying that the HTC Desire is better.

The problem is, there's still no known date or carrier here in the US who will get the HTC Desire. I think that the HTC Desire is available in Europe. The best HTC Desire deals that I found seems to be with T-Mobile. I was about to ask a relative in the UK if they could purchase a T-Mobile Desire for me but then someone made mention that it wont' work here in the US because it will be network locked. I've searched for unlocked HTC Desire in some UK retailers and I couldn't believe that some of them are actually offering mobile phone with free gifts. Was again, tempted to get one but when I calculated everything, the total cost is waay too much than an unlocked one on eBay. So now, I'm going the eBay way. I can't believe I'm actually excited to get a new phone.

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SUVs are getting greener

Sunday, March 21, 2010 0 comments

If you're concerned with the environment, chances are, you're probably frowning at SUVs. Well, thanks to Perelli, a manufacturer of green tires, SUVs are becoming more earth friendly. Perelli has made an eco-friendly tire for SUVs: the Scorpion Verde.

The Scorpion Verde makes use of fewer raw materials, lessening the tires' impact on the environment, plus it's made from aromatic oil-free materails. The green tire, according to the makers, can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 3.9%, curbs acoustic emission by 30%, and its overall design is to increase durability, meaning less non-biodegreadable materials in city dumps.

Well, it's not much but it's a start.

Source: NMCNNIC via GreenBrierplace.

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How to Sell your Home Quickly

Sunday, March 14, 2010 0 comments

Ever wonder why San Francisco homes for sale have higher chances of selling? Aside the fact that this place is a good location most homes are actually staged, or prepared and decorated so that it is presented well to the buyers. I got this idea from reading an article at Of course, if your home had just undergone a renovation, there’s little work to be done, only a bit of cleaning here and there.

Of course, one may ask why the need to decorate your home when the buyers won’t really get all your furniture. Well it’s all about presentation and perception. If I walk in a house for sale that’s a mess, I’ll automatically think that this would be how my house would look like. Now if I walk in a house that looks like something out of Architentural Digest, I’d want that house and there’s going to be little chance that I’d haggle for it once I fell in love with the place.

So, now that you know the importance of prepping your home, should you do it yourself or hire a professional? Yep, there are actually people whose job it is to make your home presentable for sale. They’re called a stager. Stagers are decorators specializing in preparing homes for sale. Are they interior decorators? Sort of but they’re prices are cheaper than hiring an actual interior decorator plus they’re not inclined to buy stuff for your house, they can just make use of what you currently have. You can find stagers by visiting open houses. Some stagers leave their calling cards at the property for sale, or you can just google away for a stager in your area.

Of course, not all areas have stagers, in which case, you can just go to an interior decorator for some advice. Whether you decide to hire a stager, do it yourself, or get an advice from an interior decorator the bottom line is: you need one to sell your home faster. In this times when almost everyone is selling their homes, it’s important that you make a few efforts in order to get the best possible price for your home.

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Another reason to move out of your parents basement

Friday, March 12, 2010 0 comments

If you’re reading this and you’re a guy staying at his parent’s basement or living at home with your folks: Get up, pack your bags, and browse the classified ads section for homes for rent. If you think you’re a mellow guy, you might be wrong or that could soon change if the study conducted by the researchers at Queen Mary, University of London is to be believed.

According to the study, young men who live at home with their parents are more violent than those who live independently. Why is that? Well, the study says that those men who are in their early twenties still living at home with their parents have fewer responsibilities and more disposable income to spend on alcohol. More alcohol means a higher chance of being violent. The study further indicates that although only four percent of the United Kingdom’s male populations are living with parents, they are responsible for 16 per cent of violent injuries in the last five years.

Professor Jeremy Coid and Dr. Ming Yang are responsible for the research and they surveyed around eight thousand men and women. The participants were made to answer questions about violent behavior over the past five years as well as mental health problems. And the results? Staying at home with your parents is a stronger risk factor for a young man’s violence than any other factors.

The researchers suggest that although those men who live at home have the same benefits or income with those who live independently, the former group are more likely to receive financial support from their parents and thus they have more disposable income which partly explains why those group can have more problems with alcohol.

So if you’re a single guy in his early twenties still living at home with his parents and you’re reading this: do you really want to take that kind of risk? So again, pack your bags and look for your own home to rent.

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Stem Cells in Hair that can become skin found by Scientists


Now here's a good discovery that can affect cosmetic surgery or burn victims in the future. According to Yahoo News, scientists have found a stem cell in the hair follicles that is capable of morphing into three different types of skin cells: the hair follicles, sebaceous glands and the intervening tissue.

The scientists who made the discovery believes that this could lead to new methods of skin repair and skin grafts which can help burn victims.

This discovery was published on the March 12th issue of Science.

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The Lucrative Business of Software Development

Thursday, March 11, 2010 0 comments

I'm thinking of changing careers. Yeah, I know, it's probably too late in the day for me to switch careers but it's just so tempting. I mean, I've heard of success stories from people my age or my classmates back in high school who have high paying jobs in Information Technology, or anything related to programming. An officemate of mine even recounted how her cousin was offered a high paying job by a software development company eastern europe and how her cousin is working right at home developing software for a company abroad!

The problem is, though I'm a bit geeky, math is never really my strong point. And whenever I hear of programming I always connote it with numbers. Someone suggested that we try web design because I can also work right at home and it's also a lucrative job. I did a bit of research and while psd to wordpress services may look easy, the another problem that may come up is that I'm not really the artsy type and web design involves some form of artwork.

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The Science Behind Kinetic Watches


I've been wanting to give myself one of those automatic expensive swiss watches. I'm a practical person but sometimes, you just want to splurge and get something really expensive. Anyways, I was browsing some watches online until I came upon some Seiko Kinetic Watches. Naturally, the geek inside me was interested.

Truth be told, this was actually the first time I've heard of Kinetic watches--like I said, I'm not really a watch connoisseur. Anyways, a quick google search and it turns out that there's some science behind Seiko's kinetic watches. It turns out these watches are powered by the movements of your hands. A motor converts the movement into electricity and stores it in a small capacitor. The capacitor acts like a battery but does not need to be replaced because it can continually recharge itself with the kinetic energy from your moving hands. Cool! Now imagine if these kind of technology is converted to gadgets such as mobile phones?

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